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How to prevent Coronary Artery Disease? 5 simple ways

Coronary artery disease (CAD) has been found   to be the cause of millions of deaths every year. There are many people living with the disease and sometimes, severity of the ailment leads to to premature death. Coronary heart disease is preventable and reversible with a healthy diet that is complete with nutritional benefits.   Inspite of decades of research and scientific advancements, CAD   remains the leading cause of death in the United States till today.

How to prevent Coronary Artery Disease?
These Coronary arteries are blood vessels or elastic tubes that carry blood from the heart  Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood  and hence are very important for the proper functioning of the heart.

1. Make  changes in your lifestyle:
Prevention is better than cure. So start with simple ways to prevent CAD by making some changes in your lifestyle. There are more risk factors when you have CAD and the longer you delay, the better they get of you. So, act soon and stop CAD from eating you. . It is up to you to make some changes in the way you live to avoid as many risk factors as possible to by increasing your chances of hale and healthy life. Follow a specific diet like fruits and vegetables that can really  lower your cholesterol levels  Natural foods are good in fiber and compounds like stanols or sterols  make you healthy.

2. Increase your Physical Activity: Regular morning physical activity  can help you to reduce several  risk factors related to CAD and this  includes  reduction of LDL or bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and overweight. Physical exercises can reduce the risk of diabetes and increase HDL (good cholesterol that helps prevent CAD).  You can have activities that have moderate intensity, which include early morning brisk walks, dancing, bowling, cycling, gardening and simple house hold work.  There are even more intense activities such as jogging, swimming and a variety of sports to burn your fat .

3. Maintain a Body Mass Index: BMI measures weight relative to height and gives an estimate of their total body fat mass. A BMI between 25 and 29 is considered overweight. A BMI of 30 or more is considered obese. A BMI below 25 is to prevent and treat CAD. Maintain a proper weight that could help you to get away from risk factors for CAD. If you are overweight, The goal must be reducing your  body weight of 7-10 percent during your initial period. These first level of weight loss could decrease the risk of CAD and other health problems. After the initial level you could continue to lose weight and reduce your body mass index (BMI).

4. Say No to Cigar’s & Quit Smoking: If you smoke, stop it as soon as you can. Smoking can really damage and tighten your  blood vessels and increase your risk of CAD and heart attacks.

5. Stick to the Regular Medical Procedures: The symptoms of coronary disease can occur when the demand for  oxygen  exceeds the supply of blood in the coronary arteries. You may need medications for your heart to work more efficiently. A regular schedule with your cardiologist is vital even though you do not have any symptoms. The most common symptoms of cardiovascular disease includes chest pain.  If you often get chest pain,  you may be suffering from cardiovascular disease (CVD).  You should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Heart attack is the beginning of coronary artery disease. The symptoms of coronary disease are often very striking, but sometimes you can have the disease without even knowing it. Chest pain or discomfort is the most common and important for all symptoms, typical chest pain is  heavy feeling or sharp, sudden pain in the heart.  So the best way is is to have a regular check up with your medical consultant.

So these are five best and simple ways to prevent Coronary Artery Disease. Follow these steps and have a happy life.

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