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EDTA Chelation for cardiovascular ailments: 10 healing benefits

EDTA or Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid is a synthetic, man-made amino acid that is related to vinegar. Initially discovered for curing lead poisoning in soldiers in the U.S. navy as a chelating agent, EDTA now is used in the treatment of several other ailments. EDTA chelation is especially very effective in the treatment of cardiovascular ailments as it controls blood pressure, removes blockades in arteries, reduces cardiac stress and does a lot of things that keeps your cardiovascular system in top condition. This article will list out the benefits of EDTA chelation therapy when used in the treatment of heart ailments involving the cardiovascular system.

EDTA chelation for cardiovascular ailments:
Only recently scientists have discovered that cardiovascular ailments can be treated with chelation therapy. Since chelation therapy removes all the good and bad minerals from the body, it also removes about 13 toxic minerals (like aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic etc.) from the body. EDTA chelation excretes good minerals like chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium and others, due to which a patient will be asked to take mineral supplements to avoid complete erosion of minerals from the body. Below are a few benefits that make EDTA chelation a miraculous treatment for any kind of cardiovascular ailment.

EDTA Chelation Benefits:

1. Reduces cardiac stress and creates tolerance to any kind of stress that may arise. It reduces or reverses the effects of a stroke and scleraderma. Often, EDTA can eliminate the need for bypass surgical procedures and lower extremity amputations.

2. Chest pain is reduced with EDTA chelation. You have minimal or no sign of angina pectoris

3. Memory loss or senility can be avoided with EDTA. It can prevent elders from going senile and also reduce the incidence of Pick’s Atrophy and Alzheimer’s disease.

4. EDTA has a good effect on blood pressure. 60% of high blood pressure is reduced and occurrence of blood pressure related symptoms are also alleviated.

5. Chelation removes all kinds of toxic minerals from the body and that paves way for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, especially blood circulation.

6. Cholesterol is also controlled as EDTA reverses toxic effects from digitalis, reduces blood cholesterol levels and prevents cholesterol deposition in the liver and other organs. Chelation increases good cholesterol and hence, eliminates cholesterol-specific diseases.

7. Since EDTA enhances blood circulation, EDTA Chelation can completely eliminate the occurrence of leg cramps, leg pain and numbness due to poor circulation.

8. With EDTA, you can restore impaired vision, reduce the pain from diabetic gangrene (even reverse it) and also, alleviate suffering due to macular degeneration.

9. You can regulate irregular heart rhythms with EDTA chelation. As chelation relaxes excessive heart contraction, it increases potassium within the body cells, which can in turn, reduce heart irritability.

10. Chelation treats arteriosclerosis plaque by removing calcium from the arterial walls. This reduces heart valve calcification and hence, improves heart function and makes arterial walls more flexible. It also heals calcified neurotic ulcers.

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