Benefits of Chelation | Chelation Therapy and Oral Chelation

Benefits of Chelation

Short and simple: COST. Chelation Therapy is affordable. Other treatments can be cost prohibitive for the average person: surgery, prescriptions, therapy, doctor visits, etc….

Although the National Institutes of Health is conducting a study on Chelation Therapy and benefits to heart health (see the Links Page for a link to study), it is commonly believed that Chelation Therapy also benefits people suffering from the following conditions:

    high blood pressure,
    degenerative changes from age,
    pain and fatigue,
    coronary artery disease,
    multiple sclerosis,
    Parkinson’s disease,
    improved diminished sight,
    hearing problems,
    coordination problems,
    sexual potency problems,
    as well as other conditions.

For some of these conditions, treatment is expensive: bypass surgery, medications, etc… But, Chelation Therapy is tpically reasonably priced and affordable for most people.

Amalgam fillings reduce the long-term benefit of Chelation. Chelation Therapy has been performed to remove the metals but the metals will simply accumulate once again because of the Amalgam fillings. Therefore, eventual removal and replacement of Amalgam fillings is an important part of any Chelation Therapy.

Even though the full benefit of Chelation Therapy is not experienced right away, improvement continues for months and years after Chelation Therapy. The full benefit does not occur, and is not realized, until months after administration of Chelation Therapy.