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The metal menace: Oral Chelation for heavy metal toxicity

Heavy metals can be a real menace to physical and mental health. We never smell this until the metal toxicity in our body reaches a tipping point, affecting almost every other organ in our system. Often, we never realize the heavy metal exposure we are subjected to. Oral Chelation is considered as a sort of […]

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What is Chelation Therapy? An Overview

Chelation Therapy is a modern day medical treatment for heavy metal poisoning in the body. It involves the injection of a chemical substance, most often a synthetic amino acid inside the body through intravenous infusion or oral consumption. This amino acid attracts the chelating agents or the heavy metal toxins in the body to itself […]

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CardioClear by Health Freedom Nutrition

All Health Freedom Nutrition products are made with the freshest ingredients. To preserve the integrity of that freshness, Health Freedom Nutrition products are manufactured in frequent and small batches using the ingredients at their freshest. The larger companies that purchase ingredients in bulk, which saves money, then let the ingredients sit in a warehouse for […]

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