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Deaths Associated with Hypocalcemia from Chelation Therapy, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Oregon, 2003–2005

Chelating agents bind lead in soft tissues and are used in the treatment of lead poisoning to enhance urinary and biliary excretion of lead, thus decreasing total lead levels in the body (1). During the past 30 years, environmental and dietary exposures to lead have decreased substantially, resulting in a considerable decrease in population blood […]

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Any form of therapy has a risk of side effect. However, Chelation Therapy, when administered properly typically does not have a side effect. The most common side effect is burning sensation at the site of the infusion. See the section of this site titled “Side effects of Chelation”

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4 reasons to prefer Oral Chelation Therapy to others

Oral Chelation Therapy can be used to maintain optimum health. Apart from detoxing the body off heavy metals, chelation therapy does what is important for sound health – replacing toxic elements with essential nutrients. In a way, it can be called as the nutrient way to treat some critical medical conditions. As you know, Chelation […]

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