History | Chelation Therapy and Oral Chelation


Chelation therapy’s use in patient’s with coronary heart disease was an accidental discovery. Just as so many other medical break throughs, while Chelation therapy was being used to treat patient’s with metal poisoning (usually lead poisoning) it was inadvertently discovered that there was an improvement of cardiac symptoms in patient’s with coronary heart disease.The accidental discovery is claimed to have been made by many. It seems that it occurred in different parts of the world (Russia, Germany, Britain, and America to some) during the same decades and each were doing the same thing: treating patient’s with metal poisoning.

Chelation Therapy is a chemical process in which a substance (a synthetic amino acid) is used that binds to certain other substances in the system. That synthetic amino acid binds to and holds that certain other substance subsequently removing it from the system via the kidney and urine. This removal is prior to allowing the damage to be caused. Because of this action of the synthetic amino acid clasping the other substance, the method was given the name devrived from the Greek word for “claw”. That Greek word is “chele”.