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Claims to be the “original liquid oral chelation”, and that it works the fastest (working in days, not months). In fact, Angioprim works so well that it even cleans the small arteries and capillaries that surgeons can not (a condition called congestive heart failure). Angioprim is so good because it is not just one of […]

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Any form of therapy has a risk of side effect. However, Chelation Therapy, when administered properly typically does not have a side effect. The most common side effect is burning sensation at the site of the infusion. See the section of this site titled “Side effects of Chelation”

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Mount Rogers Clinic

This site contains videos on Chelation Therapy as well as books. Dr. Castro’s resume’ is also posted on this site. Because Mount Rogers Clinic is located in a beautiful rural area, the Clininc offers 3 types of lodging (mobile home rental, condominium rental, or RV Hook up) for your stay while undergoing Chelation Therapy.

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