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Atlanta Chelation

If you’re based in Atlanta some of the providers nearby include The Health and Longevity Center based in Duluth or independent practitioners including M Samm Pryce, Alane M Palmer, Hank Sloan or Eli Rice English.   

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Integrative Healing Arts

Integrative Healing Arts maintains its own lab, fitness facility, and natural dispensary. An array of services are offered in addition to Chelation Therapy. Integrative Healing Arts is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Alpha Medical Clinic

Treatment ideology for the multidisciplinary staff of doctors, as well as other health care professionals, at Alpha Medical Clinic targets the root cause. Learning the root cause allows Alpha Medical Clinic to develop a plan of treatment to reverse the degenerative process which is done in the most natural possible method. While located in Mexico, […]

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