Links | Chelation Therapy and Oral Chelation


A study is being conducted in the U.S. and in Canada to detemine whether Chelation Therapy is safe and effective in treating heart disease. The study is being conducted by the National Institutes of Health, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Click here if you desire to participate in that study or to learn about that study.

An article which is a good short summary of alternatives and the controversial stigma attached to Chelation. “The Sacred Cow Of Bypass Surgery” by James Biddle, M.D. of Asheville Integrative Medicine.

A very very extensive Chapter from “A Textbook on EDTA Chelation Therapy, Second Edition” 2001 as edited by Elmer M. Cranton, M.D. (puclished by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Charlottesville, Virginia). This Chapter is about Chelation and the scientific rationale in support of EDTA Chelation Therapy. There is a summary of several famous studies (including The Danish Study, The New Zealand Study, and The Heidelberg Study) followed by the famous Kitchell-Meltzer Reappraisal. To read this Chapter click this link: “Scientific Rationale for EDTA Chelation Therapy” by Elmer M. Cranton, M.D. and James P. Frackelton, M.D.. is a website with a page that contains a very informative brief descriptive of Chelating Agents and 2 comparison charts regarding the various Chelating Agents.